About the Book: Endorsements for "Walking in Broken Shoes"

“Insightful quotes, proverbs, and bible verses accompany Sue Walsh's personal account of living and helping through the 2010 earthquake in Haiti.  Her personal journey – overcoming her son's tragic death and her injuries from an auto crash, to take on new challenges at work and as service to the neediest children, and leading multiple volunteer medical mission trips- is as inspiring as the unconquerable Haitian spirit she describes.”

- Susan B. Noyes, Founder of Make It Better Magazine

“In Walking in Broken Shoes, author Susan Walsh has provided a poignant view of the Haiti most of us do not know. Through her experiences as a nurse practitioner in a medical mission, we see Haitians valiantly struggling for the most basic of needs--food, water, shelter, health-- while retaining hope and a positive attitude. Once you have shared Susan's experiences following the disastrous earthquake of 2010, you will never see Haiti the same way again. The stories in this book will stay with you long after you have replaced it on your bookshelf. My only problem in reading about the many visits of this dedicated medical team to Haiti was the necessity to keep wiping away my tears.”

- Mary Carole McMann, MPH, Editor of Nurse Practitioner World News

“Sue Walsh’s storytelling and riveting descriptions of her experiences in caring for the health needs of people in Haiti are both chilling and inspiring. I highly recommend Walking in Broken Shoes to all as a reminder of how powerful these personal encounters are in making a difference not only in the people they serve but also in the lives of care providers.”

- Agatha M. Gallo, PhD, RN, CPNP, Professor, University of Illinois College of Nursing

“As the nation’s top medical schools incorporate global health programs into their curricula, pediatric nurse practitioner and clinical instructor Susan Walsh similarly integrates her passions for healthcare, teaching and service. Leading teams to a mountaintop clinic in Haiti with medical competence and cultural humility, Susan ultimately teaches us all that the most essential element in promoting global health is the human connection. Walking in Broken Shoes is an unforgettable read for healthcare professionals interested in providing meaningful and sustainable care in resource-poor settings.”

- Leslie Cordes, MD, FAAP, Instructor in Pediatrics, Northwestern University/Feinberg
School of Medicine

“In its riveting account of the Haiti earthquake, Walking in Broken Shoes helps us experience the terrifying, eerie event and share the anguish and drama of its aftermath. In the author’s reflections before and after the event, we come to a deeper understanding of not only the ravages of abject poverty but also the triumph and dignity of the Haitians’ human spirit. Woven throughout Sue Walsh’s compelling true story are the golden threads of her extraordinary faith that propel her to serve the poorest of the poor by leading ongoing medical mission trips and working toward sustainable health care, enlighten her to serve with grace, love and humility, and empower her to endure huge challenges. This is a book to inspire each of us to apply the teachings of our faith to our life, and to continue to care about Haiti.”

- Sharon Riley, J.D., Executive Director, Rebuilding Together North Suburban Chicago

“This is a powerful and moving account of struggle, tragedy, and mission in Haiti. As I read, in addition to feeling as though I was in-country with Sue and the others, I gained a deep appreciation for the struggles of the people of this impoverished nation. One year ago when the world was rocked with the news of the devastating earthquake, Sue was there, enduring the shocks, witnessing the human tragedy, stepping through rubble, setting bones, stitching wounds, feeding, comforting, praying, healing, sharing Christ's love. Now she lovingly, carefully, and skillfully tells her story.”

- David R. Veerman, Author